Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stack Overflow

Few months ago, I came across a programming question and answer (Q & A) site named Stack Overflow. Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood are the founder of this wonderful site. Its a fairly new site, only 8 months into existence as of now. But the community is already huge and people are active round the clock, questions get answered in no time.

Well what is special about this site, there are thousands of forums and sites where one can ask programming related questions.

I liked Stack Oveflow because its super fast. You must have seen other Q & A sites, visit the site to feel the difference. The other aspect of the site which I like is its a one stop destination for any programming language. I am a Java developer but like to read questions and answers of other language as well. In my view it at least provides an overview of what the language is all about. The questions are tagged with proper labels like java, c#, ruby, etc., one can filter questions based on preferences.

Stack Overflow is built and maintained by the community itself. Good Q & A earn reputation points, bad one gets negative points. User gets various admin rights based on how many points earned. This concept produces good quality questions and answers. Unlike other forums anyone with rights can correct others post to maintain the correctness of the site, just like Wikipedia.

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